Privacy Policy

The app itself and the maker of the app do not collect any personal private information. Anything you enter in the app is only used by you at your own discretion. There is no central login where your data are retained or may be accessed by anyone. Hence no personal information is collected nor can be used to share with third parties. Anytime you change a device, your information will be lost and you need to download the app again. However, you should aim to ensure your device is secure and free from malware or viruses as we are not responsible for any unforeseen access that may arise as a result of your negligence or malware on your phone or any viruses. This app does not use any kind of GPS service that can collect information on where you are situated. No newsletters are sent to you. No tracking tools such as Google Analytics are used.

NOTE: By downloading this app, the terms and conditions will apply to you. This app is made for personal use . You cannot send this app to third parties or modify any of its content or any part of the app including the logo.