Why MindfulFit ?

Research indicates that mindfulness helps with promoting mental wellbeing and as well as with weight and weight related lifestyle behaviours (e.g: Lyzwinski et al; Chiesa et al; Olson et al; O’Reilley et al). Previous mindfulness apps on the market have not included a lifestyle program aimed to make you fit in mind and body. MindfulFit combines meditation with mindful eating, healthy dietary intake, and mindful exercise in order to help you feel and look great. Other commercial apps include generic meditation audios or mindful eating tracking, lacking in quality, comprehensiveness, and research evidence.

About the App

The Mindful fit app was made by Dr. Lynnette Lyzwinski and had been previously backed by research. It was updated and modified to make it applicable for young adults in general (special young adult tailored meditations), with a stronger lifestyle program (fitness included) that is based on body positivity and self-acceptance. This is a healthy lifestyle program for young adults. It teaches mindfulness for reducing stress and promoting mental wellbeing. The app also teaches about healthy lifestyle behaviours through mindful eating, a healthy diet, and mindful exercise. Research has shown that mindfulness helps with weight related behaviours like emotional eating and binge eating and can help with weight management ( e.g. Olson et al; O’reilley et al). Additionally, the app has special mindfulness meditations tailored to different needs such as smoking, drinking, disordered eating, and various emotional hardships. There are also plenty of student tailored meditations that target unique issues that college students face ranging from exam stress to issues with eating healthily in a new environment. It also teaches mindful yoga and general mindful physical activity. Get fit mentally and Physically with MindfulFit!



The app has plenty of articles that teach mindfulness, mindful eating, healthy dietary intake, physical activity, and yoga. They also have mindful poetry at the end.


The videos offer fun and practical tips for practicing informal mindfulness practice everyday. They also teach mindful eating and mindful exercise. There are some yoga and physical activity videos as well, as part of the MindfulFit lifestyle program.


The audios are the most important part of the app. They have special eating meditations and stress meditations. They teach formal mindfulness practice including the body scan, sitting meditation (concentrative and loving kindness), diaphragmatic breathing, observing the breath, and choiceless awareness meditation. Besides these, there are general young adult audios for important issues and tailored ones according to special needs (grievance, coming out, eating disorders, smoking, drinking , etc).


The diary allows you to record your informal and formal practice daily.


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